Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Rant And A Giggle

A Rant And A Giggle
So I have to take a second to rant... about my bottles. We own the Tommee Tippee: Closer To Nature bottles, the regular kind and the anti-colic kind. They are wonderful bottles, my son took right to them. Also the anti-colic bottles really do help with his air intake and make his gas issues a little easier to cope with. That being said, every single time I shake my five ounce anti colic bottles (I have two) to mix up the formula inside, it gets all over me! I don't know if the lids aren't going on the bottle right or if there is a crack but it is SO aggravating. I have no problem with the nine ounce bottle, it hasn't ever leaked onto me. Hopefully I can figure out how to fix or by-pass the spillage. All in all they really are good bottles and my little one didn't have any problems going from breast to bottle and back.
Now for the giggle.
This morning while feeding my little bundle, he was unusually hungry. He normally drinks about 3 ounces, well, he finished the whole 4 ounce bottle and still wanted more!! I couldn't believe it, so I decided I would burp him and then if he was still hungry make a small two ounce bottle. When I sat him upright, he did a huge burp that was accompanied by projectile spit-up/vomit. Now he does this about every other day or so, so normally I wouldn't be upset. Today was different... today he decided to lift up his tiny little head just as he burped and shoot his burp-vomit right in my face. Talk about disgusting. after I cleaned him and myself up, I couldn't help but laugh, I guess this is apart of mommy initiation.

If your looking into buying the Tommee Tippee bottles you can find them here:

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  1. I also had leakage issues with our bottles. We had the playtex vent air bottles and they leaked sometimes when shaking them.
    Soon (if he hasn't already) he will initiate you again by giving you a pee shower! Or even worse, pooping in the tub, yuck!